15 Ways to Reduce Your Oil Consumption

1.  Drive less

Carpool, combine errands into one trip, walk, ride a bike, take public transportation, do whatever you can to fill up at the pump less.

2.  Telecommute

Talk to your employer about working from home.  You’ll use less gas and your employer will use less electricity and water.

3.  Improve your home’s insulation

Consider installing radiant barrier to save on cooling and heating.

4.  Adjust your thermostat

Turn it down in the winter, up in the summer and ask your employer if you can do the same at your place of work.

5.  Avoid plastic and styrofoam

Choose products packaged without plastic.  Recycle and re-use containers.  Use reusable grocery bags.

6.  Buy organic

Fertilizers and pesticides are often based on oil.

7.  Buy natural fiber clothing

Synthetic fibers are made from oil derivatives.

8.  Use non-disposable utensils and place settings

Pass on the plastic cutlery and use non-disposable items for take-out and picnics.

9.  Fly less

10.  Contact your elected officials

Vote for representatives who are dedicated to clean renewable energy.  Demand that your government encourage renewable energy sources instead of subsidizing oil.

11.  Use the suggestion box

Ask the businesses that you frequent to use less plastic and styrofoam.

12.  No more bottled water

Stop buying bottled water.  Really.  Just quit – cold turkey.  Right now.  Stainless steel reusable bottles like Klean Kanteens are convenient, healthy and better for the environment.

13.  Buy beauty products that aren’t oil based

Read labels and avoid products made with petroleum, mineral oil, fragrances and propylene glycol.

14.  Choose locally produced products

The less transport the better.

15.  Use passive cooling and heating

Open windows, put on a sweater, keep the blinds closed on the side of the house where the sun is shining.

A big thank you to Greenpeace for some of the above suggestions.

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