Zipcar – An Alternative to Car Ownership and Car Rental


  With Zipcar, it is like somebody hands you the keys to thousands of vehicles around the world and gives you access 24/7. And, with the added benefit of not having to worry about paying for insurance or gas. Zipcar started in Cambridge, Massachusetts as the founders brought the European car-sharing idea to the states. […]

Car Sharing: Sustainable, Reliable, and Affordable

Car Sharing

  The vehicle has been the status symbol for accomplishments or success in most people’s lives.  Giving it up may seem a drastic move to help the environment.  But, is it really? How can we reduce our expenses of vehicle ownership, while reducing our carbon footprint?  Car sharing has increased in popularity for its convenience, […]

2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Test Drive – Yosemite and Back Without Stopping for Fuel

2013 CMAX Hybrid

  I didn’t really drive to Yosemite and back this week.  But I DID get to drive the new C-MAX at Ford’s First-Ever C-MAX Hybrid Games.  And one of things I learned about Ford’s new hybrid utility vehicle (dubbed the “Prius Fighter”) is, with a 570 mile range, you could drive from Los Angeles to […]

Go Further with Ford

Ford Fusion

  What do two pairs of blue jeans, 39 plastic bottles, and 31,251 soybeans have in common?  You can find them as materials in the new 2013 Ford Fusion. Product sustainability manager, Carrie Majeske, stated, “Building vehicles with great fuel economy is our highest priority in reducing impact on the environment… With every new product […]

Ford Eco Trends – Interview with Gladys


  At the end of June, writer Gladys Boutwell attended the Go Further with Ford Trend Conference to learn about Ford’s plans for the upcoming year.  She returned super excited about Ford’s eco-inspired trends and will be sharing the highlights in a series of articles here on EcoBuzz.  To kick things off, I picked Gladys’s […]

Green Driving Series: Final Edition

eco car

Over the past week we learned that, when it comes to greening your drive, buying green is an important step but how you drive and maintain your car also makes a difference.  And finally, the best way to reduce the environmental impacts of automobile use is to use automobiles less! Here are the four articles […]

Green Driving Series: 5 Ways to Drive Less

Chandler Bike Path

Welcome to the fourth article in the Green Driving Series. The first article focused on green (and not so green) vehicles.  The second article explained why topping off your gas tank is a no-no.  And in the third article we listed 9 ways to improve your gas mileage. The best green driving tip is not […]

Green Driving Series: 9 Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage


Welcome to the third installment of the Green Driving Series.  The first article focused on green (and not so green) vehicles.  In the second article we talked about why topping off your gas tank is a no-no. In this article we’re sharing nine ways to stretch every last mile out of your gas tank.  Why?  […]

Green Driving Series: Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Top Off Your Gas Tank


The first article in the Green Driving Series highlighted some of the best and worst vehicles on the road from a green standpoint.  The second article focuses on my favorite green driving tip: Don’t top off your gas tank. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t top off your gas tank: 1. The gasoline could […]

Green Driving Series: The Greenest Cars of 2010

CivicGX Greenest Car

We’re starting our Green Driving Series with a look at the most important step in reducing the environmental impact of your automobile use – buying green. In Los Angeles County traveling by automobile is a necessary evil – we don’t boast the best public transportation system in the country just yet.  And considering how much […]