Three Million Unprocessed Ballots in California


3,267,866 estimated ballots still remain uncounted in California as of 10:00 am this morning.  To see the latest estimated unprocessed ballots by county you can view California’s unprocessed ballots report here.   What does this mean for Prop 37? What does this mean for Prop 37, the initiative that would have required foods made with […]

LA City Council Votes to Endorse Proposition 37 Today – Live Updates

Los Angeles City Seal

  BREAKING NEWS!!  Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Votes to Endorse Prop 37!! Check back for updates throughout the morning!  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates during the city council meeting. Update 12:35 pm:  Los Angeles City Council unanimously votes to endorse Prop 37!!!  Many council members called it a “no-brainer”. Update […]

NASA Scientist Receives Edinburgh Medal for Contribution to Climate Science

Surface Temperatures

  NASA’s Dr. James Hansen accepted the prestigious Edinburgh Medal yesterday for his contributions to the field of climate science.  In his medal address, the 24th Edinburgh Medal Recipient emphasized that climate change is a moral issue of unprecedented scope.  Dr. Hansen made the case for young people and future generations by reminding the audience […]

Video Exposes Cruelty to Pigs at an Iowa Farm

Mercy For Animals piglet

The images depicting healthy pigs on Iowa Select Farm‘s website differ tremendously from the images in the disturbing video released this week by Mercy For Animals.  For three months, a MFA investigator, working undercover at the poultry production facility, documented horrific treatment of pigs at the Iowa factory farm.  I watched the video and will […]

Light Pollution: The Link to Air Pollution

Los Angeles Night - Sunset Blvd

Bright city lights impede our view of the starry sky and can be a nuisance for people who live close to brightly lit billboards and street lights.  Too much light at night can also harm wildlife, affect human health and worsen air pollution.  Will light pollution be our next environmental crisis? In honor of Earth […]

Organic Farmers Sue GMO Monster Monsanto

Organic Farm

In an “it’s about time” role reversal, the Public Patent Foundation filed suit against GMO seed giant Monsanto on Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association, et al. v. Monsanto, filed on behalf of organic farmers, seed sellers and other agricultural organizations, is a preemptive strike designed to prevent Monsanto (the lovely […]

Are Kids Going Loopy for Fruit Loops?

Fruit Loops

The FDA is meeting with a Food Advisory Committee today and tomorrow to discuss new evidence possibly linking artificial food coloring and behavioral problems in children.  Concerned experts hope that the FDA will require manufacturers of foods that contain artificial food coloring to add a warning label to their products. Europe already requires a label […]

Bill McKibben on Letterman – Video Clip From His August 31, 2010 Appearance

Bill McKibben, the founder of, was on the David Letterman show Tuesday night urging President Obama to reinstall Jimmy Carter’s White House solar panels that former President Reagan took down. The Letterman appearance kicked off the Put Solar On It road trip. McKibben also talked about his new book Eaarth: Making a Life on […]

Plastic Bag Ban Rejected by California Senate

Plastic Bags in Compton Creek

On Tuesday the California Senate rejected AB 1998, a measure which would have eliminated single-use plastic bags in grocery stores and pharmacies in 2012 and in liquor stores and convenience stores in 2013. The bill, introduced by Assembly Member Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica), would have repealed the at-store bag recycling program requirements and required stores […]

Bill McKibben on David Letterman Show Tonight

Bill McKibben

Updated on 09/02/10: Watch the video clip from McKibben’s appearance here: Original article posted on 08/31/10: Bill McKibben, the founder of, will be on the David Letterman show tonight urging President Obama to reinstall Jimmy Carter’s White House solar panels that former President Reagan took down.  The Letterman appearance will kick off the Put […]