Eggs 101

Brown Eggs

The incredible edible egg, as the American Egg Board refers to them, seems to be a never ending source of controversy.  From the cholesterol bashing of the 1970s and 1980s to the practices of chicken raising and conventional vs. cage-free vs. organic, the egg never seems to get a break.  And although studies (1) have […]

What’s Next for Label GMOs?


  Prop 37, the initiative that would have required labeling of foods made with genetically engineering ingredients, may not have passed in California (although some folks are still holding out hope until the final count is in) but the movement to label GMOs is still in full swing.  What’s next?   1.  Avoid GMOs. Download […]

Boycott GMOs


  Below is a list of the companies and organizations (and their brands and products) who donated money to the No on 37 campaign.  These companies spent $46 million to fight against GMO labeling and the right to know what’s in our food.  Vote with your dollars to let them know that as long as […]

Organic Zeroes

Boycott Organic

  These are the organic and natural food traitors owned by corporations who funneled $46 million to oppose labeling GMOs during the California General Election in 2012.  We are calling for a boycott of these brands and products and their parent companies.  Instead, support the organic heroes who believe consumers have the right to know […]

Organic Heroes


  The organic and natural food companies listed below supported GMO labeling (Prop 37) during the California General Election in 2012. Please support these wonderful companies. For a printable list of the brands and products to support, click here for a list sorted by amount: Organic Heroes and here for an alphabetical list: Organic Heroes Alphabetical […]

Who Do You Trust With Your Food?

Prop 37 Support & Opposition

  In three weeks California voters will vote on Proposition 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.  According to Section 2 of Prop 37, the purpose of the measure is to “create and enforce the fundamental right of the people of California to be fully informed about whether the food they purchase […]

Straus Family Creamery Stands Up for Consumers Right to Know – Interview with Albert Straus

Straus Family Creamery

  Straus Family Creamery products featuring new packaging in support of Proposition 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, hit grocery store shelves all across California last week.  The new label, found on Straus reusable glass bottles and yogurt seals, states “We all have a fundamental right to know what’s in the […]

Organic Eggs: Do Your Eggs Make the Grade?


  An increasing number of shoppers want their eggs to come from farms who abide by the highest organic standards.  Consumers buy organic food because they want the safest and most nutritious food.  They want to support an environmental ethic and they are looking for farms with a more humane animal husbandry model.  And usually […]

Farmers Market Eggs vs Organic Store Bought Eggs

Egg Comparison

  Our family has been buying eggs exclusively from farmers markets for a few years now.  There are many reasons to buy eggs at farmers market but recently we were reminded that better taste is one of them. A few weeks ago we ran out of eggs.  State.  Of.  Emergency.  I decided to grab a […]

No on 37 Ads: Things That Make You Go Hmmm

No on Prop 37 - Henry Miller

  Just a few days after airing their first television spots opposing Prop 37, the No on 37 camp was forced to remove one of their ads for misrepresenting Stanford University. The ad that was yanked from the airwaves featured “Dr. Henry I. Miller M.D., Stanford University, Founding Dir., FDA Office of Biotechnology” standing in […]