GMO Health Risks

GMO Health Risks

In our GMO primer we discussed what genetically modified organisms are and identified a few of the pros and cons to genetic engineering.  Now let’s focus on one of the cons – the potential health risks of GMOs. Allergies According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the prevalence of children with food allergies […]

My Beef with Ground Beef

Ground Beef Patties

  I have a beef with ground beef.  You might think my issues with ground beef have to do with the humane treatment of animals used for food or environmental concerns about raising cattle for beef.  I do care about those things but this isn’t about the beef industry in general.  It’s about ground beef. […]

Happy 4th of July! Are you ready for the sun?

South Bay Beach

This 4th of July weekend in Southern California is shaping up to be sunny and gorgeous. Here are a few resources to help you have a safe-in-the-sun weekend. Sun Protection Sunscreens are touted as a must-use item for people who spend time in the sun. There is no doubt that sun exposure can damage your […]

What Toxins are Lurking in Your Cosmetics?

Toxic cosmetics chemicals makeup

Selecting the right shampoo, soap, cosmetics or sunscreen is an uphill battle these days.  Knowing that the labeling might be misleading, the ingredients might be toxic and the FDA can do nothing legally about false claims and dangerous ingredients is enough to give anyone pause before they wash their hair every morning. Since greasy hair […]