Earth Day 2012

The countdown to Earth Day 2012 has begun.  On April 22, 2012 people across the globe will help Mobilize the Earth™ and participate in Earth Day.  The 42nd anniversary Earth Day campaign, Mobilize the Earth™, will unite people all over the plant for a common goal:  a sustainable future.

Watch Earth Day Network’s Mobilize the Earth™ Video:


According to top climate scientist, NASA’s Dr. James Hansen, it is critical that we phase out fossil fuel emissions to avoid disastrous climate change.  To stabilize Earth’s climate by the end of this century, Dr. Hansen asserts that we must phase-out fossil fuel emissions at a 6%/year rate of decline.  Had we begun in 2005, the required rate would have been 3%/year.  Should we wait until 2020, the required reductions are 15%/year.*  The time is now.  For this transition to a post-fossil fuel world to be successful it will require fundamental change at the government level.  That’s where you as an individual comes in.  This kind of fundamental change requires public support.  So what can you do to Mobilize the Earth™?

1.  Set an example.

Use Earth Day as a kick in the pants to make changes to your lifestyle.  Start a compost bin, take shorter showers, participate in a park or beach cleanup, stop buying bottled water, use reusable bags and containers instead of disposable ones, use less electricity, reduce waste, walk or bike instead of driving.  Although one person’s pledge to stop buying bottled water and soda won’t change the Earth, it will set an example and provide an opportunity to educate others.

2.  Stir the public’s conscience to action.

Campaigns like Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green help individuals, organizations, businesses and governments to voice their support.

3.  Vote

Educate yourself about the candidates and vote for the Earth!  Volunteer or work as a voter registration organizer.

4.  Sign the Global Energy Petition

Earth Day Network’s global energy petition demands world leaders to adopt renewable energy and energy efficient targets, universal renewable energy access, and an end to all fossil fuel subsidies.  Sign the Global Energy Petition here.

For Earth Day events in Los Angeles county visit our calendar.


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