The EcoBuzz Earth Hour How-To Guide

Earth Hour 2011 is a global event that began in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and is now held annually across the globe on the last Saturday of March.

Earth Hour - LogoFor one hour on March 26, 2011, from 8:30pm – 9:30pm local time, individuals, families, businesses, organizations and entire communities across the planet will turn off their lights and non-essential appliances and electronics to pledge their support for the environment. See our earlier article about Earth Hour for more information or visit the Earth Hour website.

Golden Gate Bridge after lights out, during EARTH HOUR 2008 in San Fransisco, California, United States. Credit: © John Storey / WWF-US

EcoBuzz Los Angeles’ favorite ways to spend Earth Hour:

At Home

1.  Storytime

Snuggle up and share stories – whether it’s a good ghost story or a bit of family history, it’s a great time to revive the art of storytelling.  You could also have a family roundtable meeting in the dark and discuss how you are going to go beyond the hour.

Earth Hour Sphinx

The Egypt skyline showing The Sphinx and The Pyramids are seen before the lights are switched off for Earth Hour, 2010 in Cairo, Egypt. Credit: © Jason Larkin

2.  Play cards or a board game by candlelight


Please use candles safely and ensure that they are natural, sustainably sourced candles and and not petroleum based candles made from crude oil/paraffin wax.

3.  Check out the stars

Yes, this is Los Angeles but not THOSE stars.  We mean the stars in the sky.  Dust off the telescope or use your naked eye to enjoy the starry sky (weather permitting).

4. Walk

Talk a walk through the neighborhood and check out which of your neighbors are “in the dark”.

5.  Sleep

With a 26 month old that still hasn’t grasped the concept of sleeping all night, this may be my personal favorite.

Around Los Angeles

1.  String Theory Unplugged

The music and dance ensemble String Theory will perform an acoustic set at The G2 Gallery on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice beginning at 8:30pm.  The $5 admission charge supports environmental charities.

Earth Hour Sphinx

The Egypt skyline showing The Sphinx and The Pyramids are seen after the lights are switched off for Earth Hour 2010 in Cairo, Egypt. Credit: © Jason Larkin

2.  Queen Mary


The Queen Mary in Long Beach is hosting a candlelit reception from 7:00 – 9:30 with unplugged entertainment – music, historical Q&A session with the captain and organic drinks.  They will turn off lights at the Smokestacks, Rainbow lights, Sun Deck, Lifeboats, main deck forward, stern and other places throughout the ship.  Reservations are recommended.  Visit the Queen Mary website for reservations and more information.

3.  Taste on Melrose

Enjoy Earth Hour dining by candlelight in West Hollywood at Taste on Melrose.   Visit the Taste on Melrose website for reservations and more information.

4.  Taste at Pacific Palisades

Taste on Melrose’s sister restaurant in the Pacific Palisades will also offer dining by candlelight to pledge their support of Earth Hour.  Visit the Taste at the Palisades website for reservations and more information.

5.  Setá dine:lounge

Setá dine:lounge restaurant in Whittier will pledge its support for Earth Hour by going dark for one hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.  The restaurant will be illuminated with candles and business will be conducted as usual.  Visit the Setá dine:lounge website and Facebook page for more information.  Also check out our interview with Aimee Winkler Clugston, the inspiration behind Setá’s Earth Hour celebration.

How will YOU spend Earth Hour?  Please tell us below.

If you are a business or organization in the Los Angeles area – please add to our list and share your Earth Hour plans below.

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