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bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

Diaper Sprayer

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The bum Genius Diaper Sprayer by Mini-Shower™ Co. is a fresh, new way to clean cloth diapers! Its high pressure sprayer easily rinses clean the messiest diapers. No more dunking! It’s also perfect for rinsing potty chairs while the adjustable control setting is gentle enough for personal hygiene, making it a must-have for any family.

Potty Training Use

During potty training, the sprayer is perfect for rinsing potty chairs.

Personal Hygiene Use

The adjustable spray is gentle enough to be used for personal hygiene after childbirth.

Easy to Install

No plumber or tools needed. All parts are included with simple install instructions. If you need help with installation, call the 800 number listed with the instructions to talk to an experienced customer service agent.


One package includes sprayer, fixtures, hose, mounting clip, and install instructions.

Diaper Sprayer Detail


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