Farmers Market Eggs vs Organic Store Bought Eggs


Our family has been buying eggs exclusively from farmers markets for a few years now.  There are many reasons to buy eggs at farmers market but recently we were reminded that better taste is one of them.

A few weeks ago we ran out of eggs.  State.  Of.  Emergency.  I decided to grab a dozen from the market to hold us over until our usual farmers market shopping day.

I know you can’t taste the difference online but you’ll have to trust me.  The eggs from farmers market taste SO much better.  When I finally restocked from farmers market we still had a few of the supermarket eggs left so I decided to do a blind taste test with the family over breakfast.

Egg Comparison Chart

The farmers market eggs won, hands down, with every member of my family, from the little ones to the adults.  The supermarket eggs tasted blah, almost diluted.  The eggs also looked different with more vibrant yellow yolks in the farmers market eggs.

See for yourself:

Egg Comparison

Trader Joe’s Organic Jumbo Brown Egg on the left vs. Farmers Market (La Bahn Ranch) Jumbo Brown Egg on the right


Egg Comparison

Scrambled eggs: Trader Joe’s Organic Jumbo Brown Eggs on the left vs. Farmers Market (La Bahn Ranch) Jumbo Brown Eggs on the right


Farm fresh eggs from farmers market aren’t more expensive either, in fact, they are usually less expensive as was the case here.

Give farmers market eggs a try.  Your taste buds will thank you.  They are fresher, contain more nutrients, less likely to contain dangerous bacteria, and you’ll be supporting a local farm.  And if you’re wondering how organic the “organic” eggs from the supermarket really are… check out the Organic Egg Report and Scorecard.

To find a farmers market near you in the Los Angeles area visit the directory: Los Angeles County Farmers Markets

To find farmers markets outside of the Los Angeles area visit the U.S. directory:  U.S. Farmers Market Search


  1. Wow! That is crazy how clear the difference is. Very interesting.

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