Green Driving Series: 5 Ways to Drive Less

Welcome to the fourth article in the Green Driving Series. The first article focused on green (and not so green) vehicles.  The second article explained why topping off your gas tank is a no-no.  And in the third article we listed 9 ways to improve your gas mileage.

The best green driving tip is not to drive at all.  In this article we’re going to focus on ways to drive less.  Here are five suggestions for spending less time behind the wheel:

1.  Combine errands

By combining your errands into a mileage friendly route you’ll save time and miles by reducing the back and forth trips from home to destination and back.

2.  Use public transportation

Look into your city’s public transportation.  In Los Angeles there are a myriad of choices including subways, light-rail, buses and shuttles.  The LA Metro offers bus and rail routes, Greyhound and Amtrak are great for longer trips and the City of Los Angeles Transportation (LADOT) DASH and Commuter Express offers stress-free routes all over Los Angeles County.  Many of the other cities within Los Angeles County also have their own bus systems – the Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica and the Palos Verdes Peninsula Transit Authority are two other bus lines in LA County.

3.  Carpool

Many workplaces and schools offer services to coordinate carpools and vanpools.  Some companies even often incentives for using carpools or vanpools.

4.  Telecommute

More and more companies are realizing that working from home is advantageous for both employer and employee.  Telecommuters are often more productive than office workers because they have fewer interruptions and less stress (reference the Telework Coalition).  The savings to both employee and employer are potentially huge as well – the business incurs lower energy and telephone costs and the employees use less fuel.  An added bonus:  working in your PJs saves money on your dry-cleaning bill!

Chandler Bike Path5.  Walk, run or bike

Instead of hopping into your car to drive up the street for lunch, take a walk.  It’s good for your mind and body AND for the environment.  Or why not bike to work?  For information about the bike paths in Los Angeles click here.  For the Los Angeles Metro Bike Path Map click here.

How have your driving habits changed?  Do you drive less than you did a year ago?  Five years ago?

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