How to Help with the BP Oil Spill

As the weeks pass many of us are feeling hopeless about the BP Oil Spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  I thought a few ideas about how we can help might re-inspire the activist in all of us.

1.  International Bird Rescue Research Center

Los Angeles’ very own IBRRC located in San Pedro has deployed a team of bird rescue specialists to the Gulf Coast to rescue birds caught in the BP Deepwater Horizon well blow out.  IBRRC welcomes support for their programs and has dedicated a page on their website for ways to help.  See How to Help: 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.

2. Donate to Other Groups Helping with the Oil Spill

As the International Bird Rescue Research Center explained, BP has committed to covering the costs of the clean-up and wildlife rescue however donations and support for the organizations working in the area are greatly appreciated.  Here are a few to consider:

  • Matter of Trust – this group was instrumental in collecting hair clippings used to absorb oil.  Their hair, fur & fleece clipping warehouses are currently full but there may be a need in the future.  In the meantime they are collecting other items used for clean-up and rescue.
  • Greater New Orleans Foundation – this foundation is administering the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.  100 percent of the donations are passed along to the organizations working in the area.
  • Manomet – Center for Conservation Sciences – this group’s mission is to conserve natural resources for the benefit of wildlife and human populations.  They work in the Gulf region (and other areas) to protect shorebird habitat.

3.  Use Less Oil

Take the opportunity to reevaluate how much oil you use.  Dependency on oil has consequences in addition to spills.  Think about ways that you can reduce gas consumption, learn about products made from oil and make every effort to save energy at home and in the workplace.  See 15 Ways to Reduce Your Oil Consumption.

4.  Write to Your Elected Representatives

If you have an opinion about offshore oil drilling, take the time to contact leaders and tell them what you think.  Many environmental groups have created online tools and call-to-action appeals that can be sent to the appropriate officials.  Here are a few:

5. How are You Helping with the BP Oil Spill?

What have you done in reaction to the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill? Do you have suggestions for readers? Tell us in the Comments.

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