LA City Council Votes to Endorse Proposition 37 Today – Live Updates


BREAKING NEWS!!  Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Votes to Endorse Prop 37!!

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Update 12:35 pm:  Los Angeles City Council unanimously votes to endorse Prop 37!!!  Many council members called it a “no-brainer”.

Update 12:25 pm:  Time was up for speakers in favor of Prop 37.  City council turned the floor over to speakers in opposition but there were no takers so they re-opened the floor to speakers in favor of Prop 37!  Lots of cheering.

Update 12:05 pm:  Speakers are urging the city council to endorse Prop 37.

Update 12:00 pm:  Prop 37 is up!  Clearing the room to allow space for all the Prop 37 speakers.

Update 11:10 am:  14 aye votes pass the Local Food Procurement Goals/Los Angeles Food Policy Council/Good Food For All Agenda Motion.

Update 10:40 am:  Experts are currently speaking on behalf of Agenda Item Number 3 – Local Food Procurement Goals/Los Angeles Food Policy Council/Good Food For All Agenda

The Los Angeles City Council convened this morning at 10:00 am.  Item Number 25 on the agenda is the resolution supporting Proposition 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, which would mandate the disclosure of genetically engineered foods.  Today the city council will vote on whether to endorse Prop 37.

On July 24, 2012 Councilman Paul Koretz, from District 5, presented the resolution to the city council that, if adopted, would include the city’s support of Prop 37, in its 2011-2012 State Legislative Program.  The resolution was seconded by Mitchell Englander, District 12.  The resolution cites California consumers right to know whether the foods they purchase were produced using genetic engineering stating that genetic engineering of plants and animals often causes unintended consequences that can lead to adverse health or environmental consequences.  The resolution also states that the public is largely in favor of the disclosure of genetically engineered foods…

“WHEREAS, polls consistently show that more than 90 percent of the public want to know if their food was produced using genetic engineering;…”

…and that the state’s organic farmers and organic foods industry is a significant part of California agriculture.

“WHEREAS, organic farming is a significant and increasingly important part of California agriculture. California has more organic cropland than any other state and has almost one out of every four certified organic operations in the nation; California I s organic agriculture is growing faster than 20 percent a year; and WHEREAS, organic farmers are prohibited from using genetically engineered seeds; nonetheless, these farmers I crops are regularly threatened with accidental contamination from neighboring lands where genetically engineered crops abound; this risk of contamination can erode public confidence in California I s organic products, significantly undermining this industry; Californians should have the choice to avoid purchasing foods whose production could harm the state I s organic farmers and its organic foods industry;…”


Impact Statements and Official Communications

The Chief Legislative Analyst concurs with the resolution in a letter to the Honorable Members Intergovernmental Relations Committed dated August 15, 2012:

“The City of Los Angeles supports efforts that provide greater disclosure to the public.  It is therefore recommended that the City support Proposition 37.”

Community Impact Statements and official communications in favor of Los Angeles officially endorsing Prop 37 have been received from the Mar Vista Community Council, Westside Neighborhood Council, Palms Neighborhood Council, Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles, Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council, Center for Biological Diversity, North County Times, Food and Water Watch, Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council, South Robertson Neighborhoods Council, and Seventh Generation Advisors.

Only one official communication in opposition, from the California Grocers Association, was received.

Concerned residents in the city of Los Angeles as well residents from cities in other parts of Los Angeles County phoned council members this week urging them to vote yes to endorse Proposition 37.  Staffers from the offices indicated that almost all callers were asking them to endorse, with only a handful for no.


Councilmember Positions (updated with votes following the meeting this morning)

Based on information received from council member offices on Tuesday, October 23rd, here is the breakdown of councilmember positions going into the vote this morning updated after vote:

Here is the breakdown of votes from the Wednesday, October 24th city council meeting:

Councilmember District Position
Ed Reyes District 1 Yes
Paul Krekorian District 2 Yes
Dennis P. Zine District 3 Yes
Tom LaBonge District 4 Absent
Paul Koretz District 5 Yes
Tony Cardenas District 6 Yes
Richard Alarcon District 7 Yes
Bernard Parks District 8 Yes
Jan Perry District 9 Yes
Herb J. Wesson, Jr. District 10 Yes
Bill Rosendahl District 11 Yes
Mitchell Englander District 12 Yes
Eric Garcetti District 13 Yes
Jose Huizar District 14 Yes
Joe Buscaino District 15 Yes


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