Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program – Upheld and Appealed This Week

The Port of Los Angeles’ Clean Truck Program is part of the Clean Air Action Plan working to improve air quality in the Los Angeles Harbor area.

Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program

The Port of Los Angeles is the largest and busiest port in the United States and the 8th busiest in the world (5th busienst in the world if you combine it with its neighbor – the Port of Long Beach).  The Port’s effort to ban the worst polluting ships, trains, trucks and other vehicles has already begun but the program has its opponents.

Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck ProgramSpecifically, the American Trucking Association is not happy.  The ATA filed a complaint in 2008 which argues that the Clean Truck Program violates federal transportation safety and interstate commerce laws.  Au contraire, said United States District Judge Christina Snyder on Thursday, August 26, 2010.   Judge Snyder upheld Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s plan to require trucks to comply with the CTP policies.  You can read the complete ruling here.

The ATA intends to appeal the ruling and also plans to seek an injunction to prevent portions of the program from going into effect.  In Judge Snyder’s ruling she states that the Port has the right to impose regulations as any landlord would but the ATA contends that those regulations are unlawful since the trucking industry was deregulated by the federal government in 1980.

Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program

Clean Truck Program Benefits

According the the Clean Truck Program Fact Sheet, the CTP reduced the rate of truck emissions by more than 70% since its commencement on October 1, 2008.

When fully implemented in 2012, truck emissions will be reduced by more than 80%.

Why does Los Angeles need the CTP?

The CTP is necessary to achieve the Port’s goals of improving air quality.  In addition, studies by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the California Air Resources Board found that the people who live near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach face greater health risks than those who live elsewhere in the region.

Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program

Photo Credit: Environment News Service

What does the CTP do?

The Clean Truck Program ban on polluting trucks is operating as follows:

October 1, 2008:  All pre-1989 trucks were banned from entering the Port

January 1, 2010:  1989-1993 trucks were banned, in addition to 1994-2003 trucks that have not be retrofitted to meet federal truck emission standards

January 1, 2012:  All trucks that do not meet the 2007 Federal Clean Truck Emissions Standards will be banned from the Port

How many clean trucks are on the road in Los Angeles?

As of July 2010 there were over 650 trucking companies on the Port of Los Angeles Concessionaires list of clean truck companies.  Click here for the list of companies with clean trucks.

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