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Do you love the idea of a beautiful Christmas tree and the fragrant pine aroma but feel guilty on January 1st when you are dragging a crispy mess out to the curb? Have you thought about getting a live tree but realize that you have no place to plant it after Christmas?

Living Christmas Company

The Living Christmas Company, based in the south bay area of Los Angeles, can offer you the best of both worlds and is eco-friendly to boot! Thanks to The Living Christmas Company’s amazing tree rental service, you can bring a gorgeous Christmas tree into your home for the holidays and still proudly wear the tree-hugger label.

Scotty Claus - Living Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: The Living Christmas Co.


Founder Scott Martin, aka “Scotty Claus”, first envisioned the idea for a socially conscious Christmas tree business after spending a Christmas vacation delivering trees for a local nursery. He loved the excitement and joy created by bringing a Christmas tree into people’s homes but was saddened seeing all of those same trees discarded weeks later. Scott knew there had to be a way to enjoy the Christmas tree magic without the waste. The Living Christmas Company offers a way.

How It Works

Visit The Living Christmas Company’s user-friendly website to select the perfect tree. You’ll find a variety of locally-grown trees to choose from – Aleppo Pines, Blue Cedars, Leylandi Cypress, Little Sequoias and Monterey Pines – in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 feet to 8 feet.  The cost includes rental, delivery and pick-up. While the tree is a guest in your home, all you have to do is keep it away from heaters and fireplaces, water it, decorate it and enjoy! And if you’d like to rent the same tree the following year you just let The Living Christmas Company know and your needley friend can join you again next Christmas!

Monterey Pine

Photo Credit: The Living Christmas Co.

After the Christmas season, the trees are returned to the nursery, repotted into larger containers and maintained until the next season. If a tree becomes too large or unusable as a Christmas tree, it is planted through an Urban Reforestation Project.

Why Rent A Live Tree?

If you aren’t tripping over yourself to order a live tree, like I was, consider this:

-Safety: Living trees are less flammable than cut or artificial trees.

-Health: Living trees improve indoor air quality.

-Convenience: Easy online ordering, in-home delivery and pick-up.

-Mess-free: All of the Christmas spirit and fragrance, none of the mess. You won’t have needles everywhere for weeks after the holiday season – need I say more??

-Eco-friendly: And last, but definitely not least….

Environmental and Community Benefits

The Living Christmas Company’s trees are locally grown and reusable.   By selecting trees grown in the communities where they will be rented, the need for water, labor, pesticides and heavy fertilizers once the tree is planted is reduced.

Living Christmas Company Reforestation

Photo Credit: The Living Christmas Co.

During the off-season, these beautiful conifers remove up to a ton of carbon from the atmosphere (right here in Los Angeles!!) by hanging out in abandoned lots and brownfields that would otherwise be unproductive land.  While working to reduce visual blight and heat sinks in these locations, the trees produce enough oxygen for 16 people per acre.

The Living Christmas Company is also able to use the land to research additional varieties of trees for future local use.  And the trees that are no longer fit for renting become part of an Urban Reforestation Project.

Bio-diesel fuel trucks are used for the local deliveries and pickups. The trips are scheduled by area using delivery software to reduce miles traveled. This drastically reduces carbon emissions when compared to cut and artificial tree manufacturing, shipping and disposal.

In addition, employees telecommute or commute via bicycle to reduce vehicle emissions.

The Living Christmas Company also collects donations for Goodwill while delivering and picking up trees.

Photo Credit: The Living Christmas Co.

Additional Products

The Living Christmas Company offers eco-friendly and Fair Trade ornaments and decorations, including energy-efficient LED lights, gift wrap and stocking stuffers.

Q&A with Scotty Claus and Co.

Scotty Claus and Co. took a moment away from their busy delivery schedule (a big thank you to Hannah for facilitating!) to answer a few questions for EcoBuzz.

1)  Where do the trees come from?
Most trees are “born and raised” in Southern California. The goal is to grow the trees within the communities that they will be delivered to in order to reduce the impact of deliveries.

2) Are any pesticides or chemical fertilizers used on the trees?
To date we haven’t used chemical pesticides. We have also introduced a system that uses organic fertilizer.

3) What is the most popular tree among renters?
The Monterey Pine, and Aleppo Pine is a close second…

My Experience

When I heard about The Living Christmas Company last year I couldn’t order a tree quickly enough. I was SO excited. We selected a Little Sequoia that we could place up on a table away from little toddler hands.

We fell in love with “Mr. Prickly”, as my son named it (him??). It was amazing to have a live tree in the house. And when Mr. Prickly’s time with us was over, it was wonderful to know that he would be able to visit us again next year. Not having to lug a crackly, needle-dropping fire hazard out to the curb was nice too :-).

I just placed my order for this year’s tree rental. We can’t wait to see how much Mr. Prickly has grown! And, just in case you are wondering, Mr. Prickly isn’t prickly at all.  He is the perfect little guy for a house with kids and pets.  Visit The Living Christmas Company website @ to select your perfect tree for the holidays.


  1. On your recommendation we ordered a living tree. Thank you.

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