San Pedro Farmers Market

Day: Friday
Time: 9am – 2 pm
Location: W. 6th Street between Pacific and Mesa in San Pedro
Parking: Park & Pay mPARK lots on 7th between Pacific and Mesa next to San Pedro Lock & Key (2 hour limit)or on Mesa between 5th and 6th next to Neil’s Pasta & Seafood Grill (4 hour limit) – $0.50/hour – parking spots are numbered and you pay at the central mPARK kiosk. You can pay with coins, credit card or cell phone (dial 1-888-mPARKGO).
There is also metered street parking on 5th Street (2 hour limit) – street meters are $1/hour

San Pedro Farmers Market

The San Pedro Farmers Market stretches for one city block on W. 6th Street between S. Pacific Avenue and S. Mesa Street in downtown San Pedro. There are a few hot food vendors starting at Pacific – Tropical Islands Bacon Wrapped hot Dogs, Redoak BBQ and Bertha’s Famous Tamales ($2.50 each, $12/half dozen, $24/dozen) to name a few. Other prepared food includes St. Moritz Bakery (based in Lomita), Aunt Betty’s Shaved Ice & Fresh Roasted Peanuts, Kettle Korn, La Fiesta Movil’s Gourmet Salsa, Aria Food (Hummus, Olive Tapenade, Pita) and Alex’s Fruits & Nuts.

Further down 6th Street towards Mesa you’ll find the fruit, veggie, honey, flowers & plants and egg (Gama Farms) vendors. There are one or two farmers advertising “no pesticides” but there is no certified organic produce at the San Pedro Farmers Market.

Across from the row of produce vendors there is a large selection of crafts, clothes, ceramics, jewelry, purses and other miscellaneous items. Overall there seems to be a larger ratio of non-food/non-farm to farm vendors at the San Pedro Farmers Market compared to the other farmers markets in the area. The market is fairly small so there is not a huge selection of produce. There are outdoor tables set up to enjoy the prepared food and hang out with friends.

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  1. That’s truly exceptionally beneficial for what I’m search at now, thanks a bunch.

  2. Thanks for the review of the san pedro farmers market. We are visitng family this weekend and wanted to pick up some veggies for baby food. We shop weekly at our farmers market in San Francisco. It sounds like this isn’t a real option given the lack of organics. Although, I’d love to support since I went to high school not far from there. It’s too bad there aren’t more organic farmers at the san pedro farmers market.

    • Cathy Michalak says:

      Hi Ron! I agree, it’s a shame that organic farmers aren’t represented at the San Pedro Farmers Market. You do have some other options near San Pedro for the weekend. On Friday Hermosa Beach has a farmers market from 12-4 at Valley Drive and 11th Street. On Saturday morning, the Torrance Farmers Market from 8-1 is huge (one of the three largest in Los Angeles county) with a wonderful selection of organic produce. And on Sunday, the Palos Verdes Farmers Market in the Peninsula Center from 9-1 also has a great selection of organics. Have a great visit!

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