Three Million Unprocessed Ballots in California

3,267,866 estimated ballots still remain uncounted in California as of 10:00 am this morning.  To see the latest estimated unprocessed ballots by county you can view California’s unprocessed ballots report here.


What does this mean for Prop 37?

What does this mean for Prop 37, the initiative that would have required foods made with genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled?  Maybe nothing but if 60% of the unprocessed ballots include a yes on 37 vote, the measure could indeed pass.

How likely is it that 60% will include a yes vote?  Who knows.  Some folks believe it’s not UNlikely when you consider that over two million of the nearly 3.3 million unprocessed ballots are mail-in ballots possibly sent before the deluge of misleading lying No on 37 TV spots.


Did Prop 37 pass in your county?

Although Prop 37 did not pass in California, it did receive a majority of Yes votes in 16 counties including Los Angeles.  View county-specific results for Prop 37 here.


Find out if your vote was counted:

Check the status of your mail-in or provisional ballot by visiting the Vote-By-Mail Ballot Status page for your county or by calling the phone number listed.


When will the ballots be counted?

According to the Secretary of State website, state law requires county election officials to report their final results by December 7th, with another seven days for the Secretary of State to certify the results.  We should have final tallies no later than December 14th.

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