Who Do You Trust With Your Food?


In three weeks California voters will vote on Proposition 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.  According to Section 2 of Prop 37, the purpose of the measure is to “create and enforce the fundamental right of the people of California to be fully informed about whether the food they purchase and eat is genetically engineered and not misbranded as natural so that they can choose for themselves whether to purchase and eat such foods.”  But opponents of Prop 37 don’t want you to choose for yourself.  In fact, they don’t want you to know what’s in your food and they are spending big bucks to make sure it stays that way.


Who Do You Trust?

When it comes to the food you eat and feed your family, who do you trust?  Corporate agribusiness or organic leaders?  A campaign that uses lies and the poster child for lack of credibility to deceive you or a grassroots movement made up of moms, dads, and citizens across the nation who care about our food supply?  A group of chemical companies spending $1 million per day to convince you that labeling food is too “confusing” for the average consumer or a group of consumer advocates who believe that you have the fundamental right to know what’s in your food and are intelligent enough to make your own decisions?

Those may seem like rhetorical questions but they aren’t.  They are important questions.   In Why California’s Proposition 37 Should Matter to Anyone Who Cares About Food published in Sunday’s New York Times, Michael Pollan writes that Prop 37 has the potential to change the politics of food not just in California but nationally too.  Prop 37 matters.


Prop 37 Campaign Contributions

The No on 37 camp has raised over $35 million to date.  The Yes on 37 campaign has raised a fraction of that, with almost $5.4 million in contributions supporting the measure.  Tech entrepreneur Ali Partovi wants to close that gap.  Partovi is matching Yes on 37 contributions up to $50K.  See below to have your donation matched.


Who are the faces behind Yes on Prop 37 and No on Prop 37?

Actually there are no faces at all behind the contributions to the No on 37 campaign.  Not one single person has contributed to No on 37.  All of the opposing contributions have come from corporations, mostly chemical and junk food companies.  In stark contrast, there are hundreds of personal contributors to the Yes on 37 campaign plus thousands more who have endorsed the campaign in addition to over two thousand  organizations and professionals who have endorsed Yes on 37.  Who are these companies and organizations?  Take a look…

Who Do You Trust With Your Food? Who Do You Trust With Your Food?


20 Largest Contributors to No on 37

Monsanto $7,100,500.00
DuPont $4,900,000.00
BASF Plant Science $2,000,000.00
Bayer Cropscience $2,000,000.00
Dow Agrosciences $2,000,000.00
Syngenta Corporation $2,000,000.00
Pepsico $1,716,300.00
Nestle $1,169,400.00
Coca-Cola $1,164,400.00
Conagra Foods $1,076,700.00
General Mills $908,200.00
Del Monte Foods $674,100.00
Kellogg $632,500.00
Kraft Foods $551,148.25
Grocery Manufacturers Assoc $500,000.00
Heinz $500,000.00
Hershey $395,100.00
J.M. Smucker $388,000.00
Mars $376,650.00
Council for Biotechnology Information $375,000.00


20 Largest Contributors to Yes on 37*

Mercola Health Resources $1,115,000.00
Organic Consumers Fund $1,034,639.25
Nature’s Path $610,709.21
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps $369,882.70
Lundberg Family Farms $251,000.00
Great Foods of America $102,000.00
Amy’s Kitchen $100,000.00
Clif Bar $100,000.00
Organic Valley $100,000.00
Organic Consumers Association $77,828.36
Food Democracy Action! $75,000.00
Ali Partovi $62,079.28
Annie’s $60,000.00
Nutiva $55,000.00
Applegate Farm $50,000.00
Good Earth $25,000.00
Late July $25,000.00
Stoneyfield Farm $25,000.00
Eden Foods $20,000.00
Kamut $20,000.00


*Individual donors have been omitted from this list with the exception of Ali Partovi.  Ali Partovi is a tech entrepreneur interested in sustainable food and agriculture.  Partovi is matching every dollar in donations to support Prop 37 and using Facebook to help spread awareness.

“This is just the start. If passed, Prop 37 will benefit not just California but all Americans. To cite Michael Pollan’s brilliant NY Times essay, this is the moment of truth for a much larger nationwide movement.

This vote is also symbolic, because it is not Democrat vs Republican, but people against big corporations. Voters from all points of view care about what they feed their families, and Prop 37 has strong support from both ends of the political spectrum.

What hinges on the outcome is whether the people in this country can take back control of the system. I’m using Indiegogo, the open, global crowd-funding platform, because even outside America, watchful eyes are waiting to see what happens.

We are California. We are the pioneers. We are the creatives and the risk-takers. If anybody can figure out how to win this, we can. Prop 37 FTW!”


Who do you trust with your food?

Trust yourself.  Vote Yes on 37 for the right to know what’s in your food so that YOU can make informed decisions about what you eat and feed your family.

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